E8600N 5G NR Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

Deviser E8600N: Expanding Horizons in Spectrum Analysis
  • 20MHz and 100MHz real-time analysis bandwidth to capture hidden signals
  • 5G NR (FR1), 4G FDD/TDD LTE, UMTS analysis
  • Spectrogram, Spectrum Persistence Analysis and Gated Sweep
  • Interference analysis and positioning with Angle-of-Arrival algorithm

The Deviser E8600N is a compact, handheld spectrum analyzer designed to deliver advanced capabilities in a portable form. Operating across a broad frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz, it is equipped with a real-time analysis bandwidth of either 20 MHz or 100 MHz. This feature, along with its real-time spectrum functionality, makes it adept at uncovering difficult-to-detect hidden signals.

The E8600N excels in signal analysis for modern communication technologies including 5G-NR, FDD/TDD LTE, and UMTS. Its spectrogram function offers a dynamic, three-dimensional scrolling display, aiding in monitoring signal amplitude changes over time. The device also boasts sophisticated interference analysis and positioning capabilities, utilizing an Angle-of-Arrival algorithm.

In terms of accuracy and performance, the analyzer is notable for its ±1.5 dB amplitude accuracy and -100 dBc/Hz phase noise at a 100 kHz offset from 1 GHz.

User interaction is streamlined through a 7-inch touch screen display, and data transfer is facilitated via USB and LAN interfaces. The unit’s dimensions are 255 x 177 x 72 mm, making it a practical choice for field applications.

E8600N datasheet
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