CyberFlood CF-20

The CF20 CyberFlood testing platform makes proactively testing content aware network devices more accessible than ever.
  • Create extreme loads of HTTPS traffic to verify encryption capacity and performance
  • Generate application load traffic from a growing database of tens of thousands of user scenarios and application flows to verify application ID policies and performance
  • Replay custom traffic at scale
  • Use Advanced Mixed Traffic tests to create customer user actions including IPSec VPN capacity and throughput tests
  • Optional advanced security testing solutions are also available

Understanding network performance is crucial for today’s demanding business environments. Users today demand high-access and failsafe networks. Proactively testing content aware network devices is now more accessible than ever with the Spirent CF20 CyberFlood testing platform. Spirent’s CF20 is sized right and feature rich to meet very demanding performance testing needs. Its multi-speed allows for a wide array of use cases and covers the majority of network interfaces in use today, with options from 1G to 100G for use in enterprises, data centers and service providers.

The CF20 is a fully self-contained solution with a built-in web-based test controller to manage test cases and assets, and it comes standard with advanced crypto-acceleration to create vast amounts of high-depth HTTPS traffic at scale.

CyberFlood utilises TestCloud for access to thousands of applications so you can generate traffic with authentic payloads for realistic performance load and functional testing. CyberFlood creates tests with the latest apps from the Spirent TestCloud, while also providing the ability for users to import their own applications to recreate custom applications at scale.

ApplicationsWith CyberFlood, users can quickly and easily test with the latest and most popular applications (updated continuously) with unparalleled realism and scalability. Users can push their solutions to the limit while ensuring the infrastructure will stand up to real-world demands.
Built-in Cryptographic AccelerationThe CF20 comes with standard built-in cryptographic acceleration technology to increase the scale of testing encrypted traffic rates and bandwidth, including testing with up-to-date cipher types.
Network Performance TestingProvides extensive Layer 4-7 testing for network performance, capacity, and connectivity. Using thousands of ready-to-run performance tests for a wide range of popular applications, including peer-to-peer (P2P), Business, Instant messaging (IM), and Social Media.
Cross CompatibilityThe CF20 offers test compatibility with other CyberFlood platforms, providing maximum flexibility for running CyberFlood tests across a multitude of available platforms for virtual, cloud and hardware-based environments.
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