Essential fibre connector inspection and cleaning tools.

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AutoGet Portable Intelligent Fibre Endface Microscope
Autoget is an intelligent portable fiber enface inspector equipped with latest hardware and softwar...

AutoGet Wifi Intelligent Fiber Endface Microscope
The primary cause of optical network problems is that the connector’s endface is dirty or damaged...

EasyGet2 Portable Fiber Endface Microscope
Easyget 2  is a portable fibre endface inspection tool supporting 200-400x magnification. Easyg...

MPO Fiber End-face Cleaner
The MPO fibre endface cleaner is specially designed to clean MPO/MTP connectors. Being made of non-...

OPTIPOP Optical Connector Cleaner
Many of the troubles in optical communication facilities are caused by contamination on the optical...

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