EM860 Frequency & Code Selective EMF Analyser

  • Public safety evaluation
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Level recorder
  • Electromagnetic field (EMF) strength measurement
  • 5G NR code selective EMF measurement
  • 4G / LTE code selective EMF measurement
  • 3G UMTS code selective EMF measurement
  • Field EMF scope
  • Rich and powerful work order and data management system

The EM860 Frequency & Code Selective EMF Analyzer stands as a pinnacle in electromagnetic field (EMF) analysis technology, offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored for diverse professional applications. At its core, the EM860 excels in ensuring public safety by evaluating EMF exposure levels, a crucial aspect in urban planning, industrial environments, and communication infrastructure management.

Its advanced spectrum analysis capability is integral for identifying and characterizing a broad range of EMF sources, especially valuable in areas with dense technological deployments. The level recorder feature of the EM860 is pivotal for tracking EMF levels over time, allowing professionals to monitor fluctuations and identify trends in EMF exposure.

Precision is key in the EM860’s functionality, as it measures EMF strength with accuracy, ensuring compliance with safety standards and facilitating thorough environmental assessments. The analyzer is particularly adept at handling the latest communication technologies, with specialized measurement capabilities for 5G New Radio (NR), 4G/LTE, and 3G UMTS networks. This ensures a comprehensive coverage across different technological generations.

Complementing these technical capabilities is the EM860’s robust data management system, designed to efficiently organize, analyze, and report EMF data. This system streamlines the workflow for professionals, making the EM860 not just a tool for measurement, but also a solution for managing and interpreting complex EMF data sets.

In summary, the EM860 Frequency & Code Selective EMF Analyzer is a versatile and sophisticated instrument, equipped to meet the complex demands of EMF measurement and analysis in today’s technologically advanced and safety-conscious world.

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