Optical testing
A range of field-ready fibre optic testers to inspect, clean, verify, test, and troubleshoot fibre optic networks and interfaces.

Every network technician now requires some level of optical test equipment due to the use of optical interfaces across most networks, whether they are service provider, data centre, or enterprise. Faults at the optical layer affect the performance of every part of the network, so it is critical that technicians and engineers can resolve them in a fast and efficient manner.

Important factors to test on optical networks include:
Connector bnspection – ensuring that fibres mating points are clean of contaminants and damage to prevent signalling errors between equipment.

Fibre continuity testing – verifying the correct connectivity between equipment interfaces.

Optical loss measurement – measuring the loss of power between two points on the network to ensure that the receiver has enough power to process the incoming signal.

Optical Power Measurement – measuring the output power from a transmitted or the received power at the far end of an optical connection,

Channel analysis – measuring the optical power across each wavelength on a CWDM or DWDM network to ensure the correct wavelengths are used and that key measurements such as optical power and optical signal to noise ratio for each channel are within specification.

OTDR trace – measuring the end to end loss across a fibre and identifying loss events at splices, connections and splitters that may cause errors across the network.

AE100 Series Mini Optical Power Meters

Mini optical power meters, perfect for installation and verification of fibre optics networks and optical based services.


AE210 and LS310 Series

Perfect for qualifying physical layer services, including FTTx, CATV, PON, and long haul networks.


AE500 Compact CWDM Channel Analyzer

The AE500 measures 8 CWDM channels simultaneously for fast verification of CWDM power levels and wavelengths.


AE600 CWDM Channel Analyzer

The AE600 measures across 18 simultaneous CWDM channels between 1271nm to 1611nm.


AE700 DWDM Channel Analyzer

DWDM Channel Analyser for testing C and L band DWDM systems, with support for optical signal to ratio (OSNR)



4 wavelength OTDR with FibrePath trace view for easy testing by engineers of any experience level.


AE8500 Optical Spectrum Analyzer

High precision portable OSA across the 1250 - 1650nm range, with power sensitivity to -70dBm.


EP80A PON Protocol Analyzer

Handheld PON protocol analyser and OLT supporting power measurement and ONU authentication verification.


EP350 Optical Power Meter

10G-PON Optical Power Meter ideal for G-PON, XG(S)-PON, and 10G E-PON line detection and maintenance.


OA60 Variable Optical Attenuator

High performance, handheld variable optical attenuator with 60dB attenuation range and 0.01dB resolution.


Seeker (Optical Fiber Locator)

Ultra-compact fibre locator & diagnostic tool for quick and easy fibre identification.


VF10 Visual Fault Locator

Pocket-sized visual fault locator, perfect for identifying breaks, bends, splices, or faulty connectors.


Worker (OTDR Link Analysis Software)

Time-saving, easy-to-setup management tool for measuring fibre links


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