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Government and defence

In-depth offerings for government and defence agencies

Government and defence agencies have highly specific requirements covering regulatory compliance, lawful data interception and security analysis. We offer a range of products that offer the in-depth analysis of network equipment and services to meet these requirements.

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Stinga Monitoring System

STINGA Monitoring Probe is the ultimate tool for network capturing. The probe is a small multiuser monitoring system and it is easily scalable. It provides both real-time and historical network data.

Featured product


Test devices, applications, and services faster from anywhere in the world

Teststream greatly improves the cycle time of repetitive test procedures such as regression testing and build, and performance tests.

Featured product


Reduce field engineer visits, automate your turn up testing from the user to the cloud to ensure right first time deployments and network upgrades.

Proactively monitor critical services such as VoIP, video, Office365, Teams and overall network health. Find issues in software before end users.