Stinga Monitoring System
UTEL Systems
Traffic capture and analysis for IP and TDM networks
  • Mobile (2G/3G/4G/5G), VoIP, IMS and TDM Networks
  • RTP Capture for Voice Quality Analysis
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • Real-time Streaming of Protocol Signalling Messages
  • XDR Generation & Storage
  • XDR Streaming to 3rd-party Applications
  • International and European Standards Supported
  • Physical or Virtualized Probe Server
  • Fraud/Wangari Reporting
  • Call Trace and Message flow Diagram
  • Network and Business Analytics
  • Live and Scheduled KPI Reporting
  • Alarms and Threshold
  • Import 3rd Party Metadata
  • Real Time and Off line Protocol Analysis

The STINGA Monitoring System is a Telecoms Network Monitoring Solution consisting of the STINGA Central Server which can connect a number of STINGA Monitoring Probe Servers together. Probe Servers capture telecom traffic 24/7/365 in Mobile, VoIP, IMS and TDM networks.

Billions of calls and transactions can be captured, processed and stored per day. The system is therefore perfect for growing or changing businesses, as the system can range from a single probe to a large number of distributed probes. A highly scalable and flexible solution running on physical or virtualized servers.

STINGA PERFORMANCE ANALYSERProvides a powerful Network & Business Analytics tool presenting network statistics and KPIs in interactive dashboards. It is an easily accessible and a fully flexible solution.
CUSTOMISABLE DASHBOARDSPre-configured dashboards help you keep track of critical network parameter, by having the flexibility of STINGA Performance Analyser makes it possible to customise dashboards to your specific needs
STINGA XDR SEARCHProvides you with the capability of looking into the details associated with individual calls and transactions. Search for historical records, analyze related protocol signaling messages and follow the call flow by correlating multiple network interfaces and technologies.
STINGA PROTOCOL ANALYSERSuitable for real-time and off-line protocol monitoring, decoding and analysis. Advanced filtering, call trace and message flow diagrams are available for efficient network troubleshooting and error tracking.

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