UTEL Network Monitoring

Big data is awesome, you just need to catch it!

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Big data is awesome, you just need to catch it!

With the Network Monitoring solution from Utel Systems you can maintain a superior network quality and a first class customer experience by capturing information about network traffic and Voice Quality in Mobile, IP and TDM networks. STINGA Monitoring Probe and STINGA Performance Analyzer let you detect and resolve network issues and poor performance before end customers are affected.

Key Features

STINGA Monitoring Probe

STINGA Monitoring Probe is the ultimate tool for network capturing. The probe is a small multiuser monitoring system and it is easily scalable. It provides both real-time and historical network data.

STINGA Monitoring Probe is an easily configurable Linux server that monitors one or more TDM and/or Ethernet interfaces. It monitors in real-time and stores all raw network details as flat files or in SQL databases. With network data stored 24/7, error tracking and network planning become easier. Stored data can also be used as evidence in fraud or in billing, government, and/or operator issues.

STINGA Monitoring Probe is the center in a Link Monitoring System and makes the system flexible and scalable. The system is therefore perfect for a growing or changing business. A system can range from one simple probe to many distributed probes.


  • 1GE, 10GE, 40GE, 100GE
  • SDH STM-1
  • TDM (E1/T1/J1)

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • Mobile, IP and TDM Networks
  • Multiple Ethernet, STM-1 and E1/T1 Interfaces
  • Highly Scalable Solution
  • Physical or Virtual Probe Servers (VMware)
  • Real-Time and Off-Line Analysis
  • XDR Generation & Storage
  • Multi-User Solution
  • Voice Quality Analysis