Spirent CloudSure

NFV Cloud test platform
  • Powerful framework which plugs into NFV environments using modular architecture.
  • Test case driven approach.
  • Uses Spirent TestCenter virtual or physical ports to generate realistic network traffic.
  • Uses Spirent CloudStress agents to simulate cloud workloads.
  • Web-based graphical interface runs on any popular browser on common operating system.
  • Software Development Kit for test case development by users and Spirent Professional Services.
  • API provided for automation purposes.
  • Multi-user environment.
  • Gain confidence that your NFV deployment will deliver the expected performance.
  • Get visibility into performance bottlenecks.
  • Test your unique NFV environment using modular architecture.
  • Customize testing with test cases created via extensible framework.

Industry’s first standards-based NFV Cloud test platform, Spirent CloudSure enables service and cloud providers to deploy successful NFV roll-outs and deliver service flexibility and agility to end users

Spirent CloudSure is an extensible and open test platform for benchmarking and validating NFV ecosystems, enabling Service Providers to assure their virtualized infrastructure. CloudSure helps ensure the success of NFV-based environments such as 5G.

CloudSure combines various test packages containing test templates targeted at specific technology areas. Each template can be easily configured via the CloudSure graphical user interface, with the user setting the parameters for the VIM profile,
as well as parameters specific to each test. CloudSure provides a data driven user interface and is highly customizable. Test templates provide all data to the userinterface for configuration and results rendering. Spirent Managed Services can help customize test template configuration to provide results specific to users’ needs.

To inspect the state of the cloud under test, users can execute tests in their entirety or step-by-step. Results are displayed graphically and numerically in real time, and at the end of test. They may be manipulated using Spirent TestCenter IQTM, allowing users to perform thresholding, multi-level filtering, sorting, and zooming-in/zooming on data to quickly identify bottlenecks and potential root causes of performance problems. Reports may be generated in different formats, including PDF. For automation purposes, REST API is provided to help with configuration, execution and extracting of results.

CloudSure test packages make use of Spirent TestCenter virtual and physical ports to generate and analyze network traffic. They also utilize Spirent CloudStress agents to generate multi-dimensional workloads, stressing compute, memory and storage resources. Test packages retrieve statistics for the cloud under test from Spirent Metrics Service agents, providing valuable insight into resource utilization, helping to identify the root causes of poor performance.

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