Qual IT

Opale Systems
Automated monitoring of your network & applications.
  • Isolate problem network domains faster
  • Replay an network traffic in record time
  • Locate performance bottlenecks in seconds
  • Validate new products and service before deployment
  • Remotely monitor WiFi infrastructure
  • Respond to issues before they impact revenue
  • Triage WiFi, WAN, Datacenter or SaaS supplier issues
  • Locate issues for faster time to resolution
  • Troubleshoot only when relevant

Qual IT is an active monitoring solution that delivers insights into end users experience on your services delivery and availability. Using agents from across the Internet, within your corporate network, or on employee devices.

Qual IT centrally orchestrates tests simulating user application traffic and retrieves actionable key performance and usage metrics all the way up to the application server and the cloud as required, enabling you to respond to issues before they impact users, customers, and revenue.

Isolate the problem domain and triage Wireless, Enterprise, WAN or SaaS supplier issues. Exonerate the network easily and troubleshoot only when relevant. Quickly diagnose and even locate issues for faster time to resolution using Qual IT detailed metrics.

Cloud SaaS & Hosted AppsMonitor end-user access to applications, wherever the user or the application are located.
VoIP Video & ConferencingAssure availability and quality of new Unifi ed Communications services
WiFi and MobilityMonitor WLAN connectivity and performance centrally across the entire enterprise. Correlate end user experience and response times from both wired and wireless access simultaneously
Network QoSCheck network services availability. Exonerate your network or locate performance bottlenecks.
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