E816 5G NR Scanning Receiver

5G Network Optimisation Suite: Precision Analysis and Enhanced Performance
  • Precise planning and design optimisation for 5G NR networks
  • PC based post-analysis software
  • Noise signal cleanup for existing and/or new bands
  • 8 frequency bands can be measured simultaneously
  • 4G/5G base station coverage test with maximum 32 frequency points traced in parallel
  • 4G/5G base station spectrum and coverage mapping
  • TDD uplink and downlink spectrum measurement with interference management

Introducing an Innovative Solution for 5G Network Excellence

Tailored for meticulous planning and design optimisation, ensuring your 5G NR networks achieve peak performance and reliability.

Dive deep into your network with sophisticated PC-based post-analysis software, designed to provide comprehensive insights and actionable intelligence to optimise your network.

Enhance both existing and new bands with our advanced noise signal cleanup feature, ensuring clarity and quality in your communications.

Test efficiently by measuring up to eight frequency bands concurrently, streamlining your network analysis and saving valuable time.

The E816 supports extensive coverage testing for 4G/5G base stations, tracing up to 32 frequency points in parallel for a thorough and detailed network analysis.

Gain a complete understanding of your network’s coverage and spectrum utilisation with detailed mapping tools, tailored for both 4G and 5G base stations.

Tackle interference and optimise your network with TDD uplink and downlink spectrum measurement capabilities, ensuring a balanced and interference-free network environment.

Elevate your network’s performance and efficiency with our comprehensive suite of tools, designed for the modern demands of 5G networking.

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