Nexus Analyser

CMIS/SFF debug tool for 800G transceivers
  • System and host port characterization: I2C and low-speed signals
  • 800G capable SI traces
  • Ecosystem interoperability testing: I2C sniffer between host and module
  • Validates CMIS implementation on module in seconds
  • Voltage noise measurements
  • Platform for active modules with module state machine, data path state machine tests and MBM validation tools

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As new CMIS standards are developed and adopted, with a wide variety of SFF/CMIS specifications available, CMIS testing becomes increasingly complex and time consuming. The MultiLane Nexus Analyzer is a CMIS/SFF debug tool and direct response to this complexity, designed with speed and simplicity at its core.

CMIS/SFF Register SweepThe Nexus Analyser performs a CMIS/SFF register sweep. This involves systematically testing and verifying the various registers and settings defined by the CMIS/SFF standards. By sweeping through the registers, it can confirm that the system or device correctly implements and responds to these settings.
State Machine and Data Path State Machine TestingThe Nexus Analyser conducts testing of state machines and data path state machines. State machines play a critical role in controlling the behavior of electronic components and systems, and verifying their correct operation is essential. Data path state machine testing ensures that data is processed and transmitted correctly through the system.
I2C R/W Commands and Packet AnalysisValidation of I2C read/write (R/W) commands and packet analysis. This includes monitoring and analyzing I2C communication between components, ensuring that commands are correctly issued and data packets are transmitted and received as per the CMIS/SFF standards.
In-Rush Current and VCC MeasurementsThe analyser measures in-rush current, which is the initial surge of current when a device is powered on. It also measures VCC (voltage supply) to ensure that voltage levels are within the specified range during various states of operation. These measurements are crucial for assessing the electrical characteristics of the system and its compliance with CMIS/SFF requirements.
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