HBTE Semi-Anechoic RF Chamber

RF isolation chambers, accessories for test Wi-Fi 6/6E, 5G, CBRS, UWB, Bluetooth, IoT.
  • Conductive or OTA testing
  • Eliminate undesired noise and interference
  • Controllable testing and repeatable measurements
  • Wireless applications such as Wi-Fi, CBRS, 5G, UWB, IoT
  • Wi-Fi functional and performance testbed
  • OFDMA and MU-MIMO testing
  • Wi-Fi mesh testbed
  • Multi-AP roaming testing
  • Fronthaul and backhaul concurrent testing
  • RFC2544 and BBF TR-398 testbed
  • RF and Layer 2-7 performance testing
  • Stability testing
  • Wi-Fi Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) testing
  • Easy rate vs range testing
  • Integration with Spirent test solutions
  • End-to-end lab automation

Spirent HBTE RF isolation chambers and a selection of the latest state of the art in-lab wireless testbed accessories are available to support testing Wi-Fi 6/6E, 5G, CBRS, UWB, Bluetooth, and IoT applications. The RF chambers with a semi-anechoic design create a stable and isolated RF environment. This prevents unwanted radio frequency signals from entering the test environment to allow for accurate functional and performance verification of wireless devices in a controlled and repeatable fashion. The high-quality semi-anechoic RF chambers built with lightweight aluminum magnesium alloy can cover up to 8GHz frequency spectrum and support easy to test, cost saving, and operational efficiency in conjunction with the use of other wireless testing gears.

RF chambers serve as the main component for wireless testbeds and can be used in a completely RF cabled conductive setting, with RF cables connecting from the inside SMA connectors directly to a Device Under Test (DUT).

The filtered communication interfaces provide the maximum usability to easily connect Ethernet, USB, optical cables to the inside appliance. In addition, it includes up to 24 configurable antennas that have a logarithmic cycle single-polarized design for over-the-air (OTA) testing while the DUT has its antenna attached. The turntable supports two-dimension orientation testing with accurately controlled angle movement to examine the angle-based antenna performance. There are also accessories such as different SMA to SMA RF length cables, RF combiner/splitter, 4-channel or 8-channel programmable attenuators offered as an end-to-end testbed solution. The multiple chambers are stackable for more sophisticated mesh testbeds to simultaneously test multiple devices. The dimensions of the RF chamber are shown in the photographs.

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