Compliance Boards | 112/56 Gbps (2x28 GBd) Interconnects ML4019-MCB: 2x28 GBaud Module Compliance Board | ML4019-HCB: 2x28 GBaud Host Compliance Board | V0.1 Preliminary revision |
  • Matched differential trace length
  • DUT voltage supply control (3.15V, 3.3V, 3.45V, or other user specified voltage levels)
  • DUT Current Sense
  • DUT Voltage Sense
  • Superior Signal Integrity
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Temperature Monitor
  • Four corner test capability
  • Supports 2x28 GBd interfaces
  • I2C master driven from on board micro controller or external pin headers
  • USB interface
  • User friendly GUI for I2C R/W commands and loading custom MSA Memory Maps
  • All channels come with matching trace length 1314 mils
  • On-board LEDs showing MSA output Alarm states and pin headers for low speed signals

DSFP (Dual Small Form Factor) MSA Module Compliance Board ML4019-MCB, is designed to provide an efficient and easy method of programming and testing 2×28 GBd DSFP transceivers.

The ML4019-MCB comes complete with Windows based software and user manual to enable intuitive memory map programming and testing, controlled via mini-B USB. The DSFP Module Compliance Board (ML4019-MCB) uses 2.92 mm K connectors.

It is designed to simulate an ideal environment for DSFP transceivers module and cable testing, characterization and manufacturing tests. Its properties make the MCB as electrically transparent as possible, allowing for a more accurate assessment of the module performance.

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