Optical Variable Attenuator

  • Attenuation range: 2.5-60 dB
  • Direct output power control
  • Output power control
  • Absolute/relative attenuation setting
  • Program (10 preset frequently-used attenuations)
  • Adjust at step of 0.05 / 0.10 / 1.00 / 10.00 dB
  • PC control via USB
  • USB power charging
  • Backlight
  • Over 20 hours continuous operation
  • Handheld, light and easy-to-use

The OVA-50 Optical Variable Attenuator can precisely attenuate input optical signals at 1310 / 1490 / 1550 / 1625nm wavelengths and directly output defined stabilised optical signals.

●Network/BER testing

●Power meter calibration

● Link loss simulation

● Optical margin analysis

Direct Output Power Control
Normal attenuators can only introduce and display an attenuation value. You need a separate power meter to measure or adjust the output power value of an attenuated optical signal. Working like a combination of an attenuator and power meter, OVA-50 Output Power Control mode enables direct setting of precise optical power level and can automatically stabilize output level without any interference by variations of input power.

Program Mode
User can preprogram frequently-used attenuations to reduce workload.

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