Entry Level Loss Tester

  • Applicable on singlemode/multimode fibers
  • Microprocessor & linear amplifier ensure long-time accuracy
  • Quick response, no warm-up
  • Interchangeable connectors: FC / SC / ST
  • Dual-way power supply: 9V alkaline battery / AC adapter
  • Pocket size, large LCD display
  • Multi-wavelength measurement
  • Display units: dB / dBm / mW / µW
  • Link loss testing
  • CW / Modulation mode (270 / 1K / 2K Hz)
  • Low power indication/Auto off

OLT-20 Optical Loss Tester integrates a laser source module and power meter module in one set, in order to perform power testing and link loss testing.

Typical applications include fibre identification, attenuation and loss measurement, continuity verification and fibre link transmission quality evaluation for installation, routine inspection and daily maintenance of MAN, WAN and CATV systems as well as for lab test and research work.

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