ML4079E(N) 800G BERT

8 Channel | 56 GBd PAM4 & NRZ | 800G BERT
  • Data Rates: 23-29 & 46-58 GBaud (116 Gbps)
  • Ability to tune the bit rate in steps of 100 kbps and find the RX PLL locking margin.
  • Independent control of inner eye levels
  • Up to 1.5 Vppd output swing
  • Supports Gray coding and polarity inversion
  • Error injection
  • 3-tap LUT-based Pre- and Post-emphasis or 7-tap linear FFE
  • Programmable front-end attenuator SNR monitoring over time.
  • PAM histogram monitor.
  • PAM slicer threshold adjustable. Error-detection on following patterns: - PRBS 7/9/11/15/16/23/31 - PRBS13Q and PRBS31Q
  • Automatic pattern detects
  • LOS indicators.

The ML4079E is a full featured 800G BERT that can be configured as eight channels of 23-29 and 46-58 GBaud PAM4 or 23-29 and 46-58 Gbps NRZ.

The transmitters support all standard test patterns mandated by IEEE and OIF such as PRBS13Q, SSPRQ, PRBS31Q, etc. Additionally, the user may program the TX to output a user- defined pattern up to 131 kb long.

In addition, the ML4079E supports transmitter and receiver equalization to overcome signal integrity impairments due to channel losses or reflections.

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