AT4079B 8 Channel 400G BERT

8-Channel 28GBd PAM4 & NRZ | 400G BERT
  • Low cost, instrument-grade BERT optimised for high speed data analysis of 100G/200G/400G transceivers.
  • The wide range of bitrate coverage allows phy testing for Ethernet, HDMI 2, USB 3.1, PCIe, Fiber-Channel and others.
  • Ability to tune the bit rate in very fine steps to facilitate finding the locking margin.
  • FEC support.
  • Supports PRBS13Q/15Q/31Q and user defined patterns.
  • API library, sample code and Python wrapper.

The AT4079B is a fully featured 400G BERT. It covers a wide range of bitrates between 1.12 and 28.12 GBaud, while supporting both NRZ and PAM-4 coding schemes.

The GUI allows you to individually control each TX level, equalization, eye balance, pattern and Gray coding. The user may also inject error sequences into the stream.

The receiver features CTLE and FFE equalization that, in combination with TX FFE, compensate for up to 30 dB of loss at Nyquist; it also allows advanced troubleshooting capabilities by showing separate LSB and MSB BER, offering targeted error- insertion and allowing real-time monitoring of the received signal levels histogram, SNR and receiver equalizer tap values.

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