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RF Testing

Testing RF in lab and field environments


Featured products

Portable wireless testbeds

The STACK testbeds can fully characterise WiFi products for performance indicators such as throughput, handover efficiency and OFDMA.

They include a full suite of test tools, allowing conformance testing to be fully automated and support benchmarks such as TR-398.

Featured product

E8900A 5G Handheld Spectrum Analyser

High-performance handheld analyser for construction & maintenance of 5G NR systems. Supports interference analysis, spectrum analysis and FDD-LTE or TDD-LTE signal demodulation analysis.

Featured product

E7000L Cable & Antenna Analyser

Designed to install, maintain and troubleshoot wireless networks, the E7000 provide all necessary measurement functions and performance to accurately diagnose and verify a site’s cable and antenna system and RF connectors, as well as basic fibre-feedline testing

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