Allegro 800 Network Multimeter

Allegro Packets
High-performance 1 G analyser
Multimeter - Allegro 800
  • For large 1 G networks environments
  • Analyses and correlates all metadata from L2 to L7
  • 7 x 1000Base-T and 2 x 1 G SFP ports
  • 4GBit/s max. throughput
  • 16 - 128 GB internal database memory
  • Up to 4 TB integrated ring buffer
  • Up to 4 millions retrospective connections
  • Portable / 1U
  • 264 mm long x 43 mm high x 226 mm deep / 439 mm long x 43 mm high x 249 mm deep
  • Weighs 2 - 4 kg

The Allegro-800 network multimeter is an Analysis and Debugging Tool for NetworkAdministrators.

The Allegro 800 network multimeter Series fits perfectly into all gigabit environments. The Allegro 800 is available in 6 versions: both portable and rack mount, simply specify sizes S, M or L (weight 2 – 4 kg).  With a considerably larger internal ring buffer than the Allegro 500: the Allegro 800 uses 960 GB and is expandable up to 3.84 TB, depending on the model and specifications. In addition, with 9 monitoring ports (including two SFP’s), the Allegro 800 has significantly more integrated ports than the smaller Allegro 500 unit. 

The memory size for processing historical data in the “in-memory database” is 16 expandable to 128 GB, depending on the model. Compared to the Allegro 1000, the Allegro 800 has no 10 G measuring ports, but ports are 10/100/1000 MBit/s capable.

Check the data sheet for detailed product information.

Designed for 1 G ISPs, Corporate, Campus and Datacenter NetworksThe Allegro 800 Series fits perfectly into all environments with Gigabit only connectivity. It allows you to monitor the last 10,000 seen IP addresses and up to 4 million connections for retroactive debugging and investigation. The Allegro 800-P is the portable version (weighing less than 3 kg), whereas the Allegro 800-RM is a 1U rack solution.
Real-time Visibility and Statistics for all ConnectionsThe Allegro 800 provides granular visibility and selective packet filtering across L2 to L7 in real-time and history mode. The web interface offers comprehensive overviews as well as detailed statistics for network quality, IPs, MACs, VLANs, Multicast, QoS, TCP, TLS, RTP, Profinet, VoIP and much more.
Data sheet
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