Booster SPAN

Rack-mountable SPAN model
  • Aggregation of 8 SFP 1G SPAN ports into 1 SFP+
  • 1G-10G output
  • Direct link aggregation, no management, installation or driver required
  • No bottlenecking; full line-rate performance with reduced delay and no dropped packets
  • Ingress VLAN Tagging
  • Non-intrusive to the network
  • Redundant powering
  • Up to 3 in 1U rackmount chassis

A rack-mountable SPAN model, the Booster Span is another TAP device designed by our team of highly-skilled engineers. Its sole purpose is to improve your monitoring systems and tools.

This Aggregation TAP does that by connecting many network ports to one monitoring port, being extremely useful when your monitoring tool has a limited number of ports.

All our Copper TAPs perform smoothly at distances of over 100 meters and have front LEDs that display the presence of redundant power, network and monitor link activity.

Data sheet
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