LAMTA – RF Monitor

A cost-effective way to monitor the RF environment
RF Monotor
  • Supports 5GNR and LTE scanning functions to help identify signals
  • Wi-Fi scanning (2.4/5.8) including SSID and RSSI
  • Spectrum analyser sweep function
  • Configurable IP Address.
  • Observe signals in RF chambers, the lab space, or in the field.

LAMTA RF Monitor provides the capability to directly scan the RF environment and quickly see the results using LAMTA software.

Support multiple scanners, multiple users

  • Includes scanner hardware and LAMTA RF monitoring software functions
  • User interface supports multiple scanners simultaneously
  • Allows multiple testers to access all scanners from the same local network
  • Configurable IP address for easier installation on corporate and internal networks

5GNR and LTE scanning support

  • Identify specific signals including: PCI, RSSI, MNC, MCC, RSRP, RSRQ, SINR
  • Wi-Fi scanning (2.4 / 5.8Ghz) including SSID and RSI (coming soon)

Spectrum analyser support

  • Spectrum analyzer sweep function to identify RF energy (without signal decode)
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