Voice Quality Management As A Service

Opale Systems
Manage everything about the quality of your voice services
  • Cloudified visualization platform for MultiDSLA
  • Essentials Metrics
  • Advanced KPIs on QOE perspective
  • Simplified understanding
  • Dashboard and reports on demand
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Per month or annual cost
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Root cause analysis
  • Service failure analysis

VQMaaS is the cloud solution providing the ability to manage everything about the quality of your voice services: understand what service quality you provide, being internal or external voice service, troubleshoot faster, get alerts, manage your capacity planning and automate your reports.

Once prerequisites are implemented, the first dashboards are accessible in 72 hours, and you immediately can start managing your voice services.

Gain Top-Down Insight

Through the powerful combination of Manager, Agent and Agent-less Monitoring bring the complexities of your IT environment in to focus – from a business service perspective. Quickly build an accurate picture from the top-down of what your IT estate is. Collect data, create a repository of configuration items, and map out the inter-dependencies between the physical components that make up your critical applications. Opale Systems tools are based on active testing. They are network technology agnostics.

Real-Time and Predictive AnalyticsSee a live, top-down representation of voice quality health for all of your applications and services – in a single web platform. Drill-down to business or IT context for reporting and triage – presented in clear, easy to understand format. See actionable warnings of decreased performance putting the right information into the hands of the right people at the right time.
Automated Dependency Mapping and Service Configuration ManagementMonitor the digital pulse of the business; adapt to planned and unforeseen events, manage the release of new products and services. In rapidly changing environments (DevOps, Agile, Cloud for example) detect and avoid changes that might threaten business performance.
Empower Staff and Reduce CostsVQMaaS is a focal point for all aspects of voice ser- vice delivery enables you to pinpoint precisely where to focus your staff for optimum effect. VQMaaS provides your staff with all the information they need in a way that they understand, enabling them to work more efficiently and reduce costs.
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