ML4079 8 Lane 200G BERT

8-Lane 8.5-15 & 21-30 Gbps | 200G Bit Error Ratio Tester
  • Data Rates: 8.5-15 & 21-30 Gbps
  • Low intrinsic jitter
  • Ability to tune the bit rate in steps of 100 kbps and find the RX PLL locking margin
  • Automated J2/J9 measurement
  • Programmable front-end attenuator
  • Error-detection on following patterns: - PRBS 7/9/15/16/23/31
  • Automatic pattern detects
  • LOS indicators.

The ML4079 is an eight Lane Pulse Pattern Generator and Error Detector up to 30.2 Gbps that is fully equipped for laboratory and production testing of systems, components, and EIectro-Optical Modules.

This instrument covers all the critical bitrates for 10, 40, 100 and 200G Ethernet, 16 and 32GFC as well as CPRI. The product has instrument-grade 2.92 mm K connectors.

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