Cubro Sessionmaster EXA8

Layer 7 packet broker

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The Cubro EXA8 is a universal platform which is small in size but still powerful. It can be used for several monitoring applications for the enterprises, lab testing markets, and tactical markets.

The main components of this platform are 4 copper links (8 ports) and 2 x 10 Gbit SPF+ ports, a lot of CPU power and memory, USB 3.0 and M2 disc interface internally*. The copper ports are links safe (TAPs) which enable the device to be used inline. Especially, in an enterprise application, this is very useful and saves money because one unit can do tapping, aggregation, filtering, NetFlow and capturing the traffic.

The unit can be used inline because of the 4 integrated TAPs and with span ports or external TAPs. This gives a lot of possible functions and upgrade options. The upgrade and function changes can be done via the integrated USD card slot. The small mechanical dimension gives the option to mount two units in a one U 19” frame.

Key Features

  • The EXA8 can be a mini Sessionmaster and perform all the functions like duplicate packet remover, Regex, Keyword search, IMSI filtering, mobile network filtering, distributed flow monitoring, and many more features
  • Smaller form factor and lower cost
  • Simple 4 link to 10 Gbit aggregator
  • 4 link to 10 Gbit aggregator with L4/L7 filtering to 1/10 Gbit output
  • 4 link aggregator with L4/L7 filtering to USB3.0 (pcap file)
  • 4 link to aggregator with L4/L7 filtering to eSATA (pcap file)
  • 4 link to 10 Gbit aggregator with Netflow V9 metadata generation
  • Packet generator and pcap file replay box and many more applications