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Be ready to support anything the network throws at you

In order to support a wide customer base you need the tools to be able to support any network, at any time. Our solutions range provides the flexibility to be able to install any network infrastructure and equipment, turn-up any service and respond to any fault, and are essential to being able to meet your customer SLAs.

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EM9 Electromagnetic Field Tester

The EM9 Electromagnetic Field Meter measures broadband and magnetic fields and field strengths emitted by different sources such as radio transmitters, mobile base stations and radar systems.

Featured product


Expedite splicing activities and reduce poor splices.

The all-in-one splicer automates 5 splicing activities, ensuring high quality splices every time.

Featured product

TC722 All-in-One 10G Transport Tester

The TC722 provides expert analysis for next-generation high-speed metro and carrier networks for speeds up to 10Gb/s. It is an efficient testing tool for service turn-up and maintenance.

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