Packetmaster EX12

Layer 4 packet broker with 8 x 1G and 12 x 10G interfaces.
  • Filters and load-balances traffic from a 10 Gbps link to multiple 1Gbps monitoring tools
  • Aggregates multiple 1 Gbps links to 10 Gbps monitoring tools
  • Supports traffic modification as well as changing, removing and adding VLANs
  • No additional port licensing fees or software feature licensing. All features and applications included in the unit price.
  • 8 x 10/100/1000 Base-T or 8 x 1000 Base-X & 12 x 10 Gbit SFP+
  • IPv 6 support
  • Up to 2000 parallel rules
  • Finite Rule Life: Rules can be set with a timeout period where the rule will be removed automatically after a set period of time or a set period without traffic activity. Rules can be dynamically created via the REST API.
  • Generate sFLOWS CDRs: The EX12 is able to generate standard-conform sFlow information of the incoming traffic.
  • Easy to configure: Via Web GUI (HTPPS supported)ƒ GRE / VXLAN Tunnel support: The Packetmaster EX12,like all Packetmaster Series NPBs, can function as a GRE / VXLAN tunnel endpoint.
  • Load balancing: L2 / L3 / L4 hash-based, session aware load balancing, up to 15 load balancing groups
  • Cubro Vitrum Management Suite: EX12 is fully compatible with Cubro Vitrum, a centralized management platform for all Cubro network visibility solutions.

The EX12 is a packet broker designed to have a good price to performance ratio; the EX12 supports 12 x 10 Gbit interfaces and a combination of 8 native copper or 8 SFP interfaces for Gbit. As usual, this product utilizes non-blocking design and the use of thousands of filters is possible without impacting product function.

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