Converter Tap

Network monitoring access with media conversion
  • Minimum failover and zero downtime
  • Provides complete traffic visibility and access to any network connection
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to install
  • Flexible
  • Can be used to amplify link signal (R Version)

The Cubro Converter TAP converts traffic from optical Gigabit Ethernet links to an SFP output. With its passive connection to the network it does not influence the traffic of the optical network link while allowing complete access to the traffic via the copper 1000B-T monitoring port. Cubro provides a cost-effective, flexible small device which converts the incoming traffic to an additional output port. The Cubro Converter TAP uses SFP modules giving the user maximum flexibility. It is possible to change or add SFPs during operation without interrupting other ports (hot-swap). Moreover, it is possible to use non-vendor specific SFPs: SM, MM, COPPER, CWDM, and/or BIDI in any combination.

The path from the input to the output ports is fault-transparent. If the link on the input port is going down, the output ports follow with a short delay. The path from the input to the output ports is layer 1 to 7 transparent. Any error on the input port will be copied to all output ports.

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