KR12A All-In-One Ribbon Fibre Splicer

UCL Swift
Automated all-in-one fusion splicer for superior quality ribbon fibre splices
  • KR12A all-in-one ribbon fire splicer
  • Integrates 5 functions in one unit (stripping, cleaving, cleaning, splicing and splice protection)
  • Automatic Thermal Stripper - No scratches on, tensile strength - Telcordia standard 1.7kgf or more
  • Resistant to shock, dust and water
  • Dimensions: 142 (W) x 219 (L) x 137 (H)
  • Weight: 2.45 kg (including battery)
  • Electrode life: up to 1500 splices
  • Rotating blade life: up to 2,000 times for 12F ribbon fibre (optional 4,200 times for 12F ribbon fibre)

The KR12A All-In-One ribbon fibre splicers supports 5 separate fibre deployment functions in a single tool, reducing installation time and improving splice reliability.

Automated Fibre Stripping
  • Automated stripping ensures no scratches from heated stripping
  • 1 second strip time
  • Over 5 kgf tensile strength of fiber after stripping.Featuring excellent tensile force of fiber, the automatic stripper strips up to 28mm in length without damaging the surface of fiber
  • One-touch pump.The alcohol pump can be removed and refilled with cleaning fluid
  • Single-action cleaving.
  • 75,000 fibre cleaves with automatic rotating blade.
  • Cleaves fibre at a 90 degree angle.
  • Built in sharps box for collecting fibre chards
  • Automatic splicing from 1 core to 12 cores.
  • Electrode life of up to 18,000 splices.
Splice protection
  • 30 second shrink protector application time.
  • Equipped with a sleeve loader to prevent contamination.
  • Reduced splicing time with built-in sleeving unit.
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