DCP-101 – Low Power 100G transponder

Versatile 100G Transponder
  • ETSI form factor
  • Any combination of DWDM transceivers, transponders or muxponders
  • No complex setup and minimal optical fiber knowledge required
  • Completely automatic optical setup, just like using a passive multiplexer
  • Automatic fiber distance measurement and Dispersion Compensation setting
  • Simple and cost effective datacom not telecom platform
  • Modern management architecture based on REST and CLI APIs
  • Easily integrated into any network telemetry systems
  • Modern management architecture for today’s DCI

DCP-101 is a low power 100G transponder with front to back or back to front cooling. It has a QSFP28 client port that accepts all standard transceiver types including DAC (Copper) cables.

Copper cables on the input remove much of the transceiver and cabling costs as well as dirty connector problems.  The line uplink is a coherent CFP; one interface for metro and long haul applications.

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