AE700 DWDM Channel Analyzer

DWDM Channel Analyser for testing C and L band DWDM systems, with support for optical signal to ratio (OSNR)
  • Handheld DWDM Channel Analyzer for C or L band
  • Over 5 hours' continuous operation with 7.4V / 2.4Ah Li-ion battery
  • With interchangeable connectors, switch easily among FC / SC / PC
  • Conduct relative power measurements and other key functions
  • Store up to 400 data groups; manage them with Toolbox PC software

The AE700 is a DWDM Channel Analyzer for the installation and maintenance of DWDM systems. This capable handheld unit measures wavelengths in the C-band (1527 ~ 1567 nm) or L-band (1570 ~ 1610 nm), with additional support for optical signal to ratio (OSNR) – essential for verifying signal quality. Measurements can be displayed in graphical and list formats.

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