AE8500 Optical Spectrum Analyzer

High precision portable OSA across the 1250 - 1650nm range, with power sensitivity to -70dBm.
  • Analyze a full range of communication wavelengths and spectrum channels (1250 ~ 1650nm)
  • Test transmission characteristics of optical devices
  • Outstanding wavelength & power accuracy, with λ resolution up to 0.06nm
  • Wide selection of test modes - including WDM, OLS, and EDFA - are perfect for applications from field to factory
  • Diagnose and monitor key parameters of DWDM signals to check system stability
  • View all DWDM channel characteristics at 50 / 100 GHz intervals
  • Store and transfer data with LAN, USB, SD, and more

Brought to you by Deviser Instruments, Inc., the AE8500 is a highprecision diffraction-grating OSA with a wavelength range of 1250 ~ 1650nm and power sensitivity down to 70dBm.

Users can test optical signals with excellent accuracy, and the 12.1″ LCD touchscreen and concise UI design make the AE8500 easy to master. It also provides a powerful suite of test modes, including WDM system testing, EDFA, transmittance and drift testing, and semiconductor laser spectrum scans (DFB & FP).

The AE8500 offers exceptional stability and reliability, high-speed spectral sweeping, and multiple ways to output and analyze your data. It’s the ideal tool for CWDM/DWDM and FTTH project maintenance.

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