Powerful functional and performance testing for applications and networks
  • Flexible licensing for virtual environments
  • Granular control and rich visualisation
  • Ultra-high performance and load
  • Cloud-native and optimised for DevOps

Full-stack client simulation for application and service testing

Equipped with an extensive range of protocols and interfaces

PureLoad enables application and service testing from the perspective of client applications and is backed by full-stack implementations.

It offers the flexibility to model variations in subscriber behaviour, across multiple parallel sessions, with a diversity of content loads.

Optimised for messaging, RCS/ RBM, streaming and other IP services

Test any IP mobile and CDN application

PureLoad is ideal for testing IP-based and streaming applications in mobile networks and CDNs, for performance evaluation, supporting DevOps deployment programmes.

It supports testing of SIP, MSRP, HTTP and Diameter, and can simulate streaming services across different networks and devices.

Active MonitoringDistributed, active monitoring agents generate real traffic and KPIs, for continuous validation and assurance. Assure differentiated and specific scenarios for key customers and services, with real-time awareness of service issues.
Functional TestingFunctional testing can be performed to validate features and updates, and to support CI/CD schedules. Flexibility allows any scenario to be modelled for proving service capabilities in multi-vendor networks.
Performance TestingEnsure services can scale in cloud environments and with load from real user agents, modelling real performance. Evolver scales to emulate service growth, under network conditions, with dynamic capabilities for any scenario.
Service EnablementVirtualised, cloud-native IMS, VoLTE and VoWiFi service enablement with ODIN - hosted or on-premise. Get to market fast, with pay-as-you-grow models and swift deployment cycles. Proven and scalable.
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