Fibre Splicers

An innovative range of fibre splicers including all-in-one devices for highly reliable fibre splices.

KF4A All
One Active Cladding Mini Splicer

Reduce FTTH deployment time with the KF4A automated all-in-one splicer

K33A All
One Core Alignment Splicer

All-in-one fusion splicer supporting stripping, cleaving, splicing and splice protection in a single unit

KR12A All
One Ribbon Fibre Splicer

Automated all-in-one fusion splicer for superior quality ribbon fibre splices

KF4 All
One FTTH Mini Splicer

Active Cladding Alignment

K33 Core Alignment Splicer

Highly advanced and accurate IPAAS Core-to-Core alignment fusion splicer for medium and long ranged optical network splicing

KR12 Ribbon Fibre Splicer

Highly quality fusion splicer for multiple fibres such as ribbon fibre deployments.