AE600 CWDM Channel Analyzer

The AE600 measures across 18 simultaneous CWDM channels between 1271nm to 1611nm.
  • Analyze 18 wavelengths (ranging from 1271 ~ 1611nm) simultaneously
  • All-day testing with 5 hours' continuous operation
  • With interchangeable connectors, switch easily among FC / SC / LC / ST
  • View measurement results in list or graph format
  • Store up to 1000 data groups; manage them with Toolbox PC software

The AE600 CWDM Channel Analyzer is a handheld optical tester for measuring the power and wavelength of CWDM systems. Compared to the AE500, this analyzer can simultaneously verify up to 18 CWDM channels within wavelengths of 1271 – 1611nm. Measurement data can be displayed in either graphical or list format.

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