MT SJSA, PBT, Gel-Filled, Dielectric (Aramid / FLAT FRP) Optical Fibre

Taihan Fiber Optics
Multi Loose Tube, Single Jacket Single Armored, PBT, Gel-Filled, Dielectric, Aramid, Flat FRP
  • Dry block (Semi-dry): Easy preparation
  • Color-coded fibers: Easy and quick identification
  • Loose tube design: Stable performance and compatibility with all common fiber type

Standards & Certifications

  • [ITU-T G.650, G.651, G.652, G.655, G.657.] [TIA-598.]
  • [IEC 60793, 60794.]
  • [ISO 9001,14001.] [OHSAS 18001.]


  • Outside plant
  • Lashed
  • Duct
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