Increase the ability of your network monitoring tools to reach your entire network, extending monitoring from the core right to the edge of the network and delivering insights from all network layers and applications.

Aggregating network traffic to enable your monitoring layer and tools

Networks are growing exponentially, in terms of the sheer amount of data as well as the number and complexity of the applications that run across them.

This presents a problem for the network monitoring layer as it struggles to scale to be able to monitor the full suite of network applications and identify issues at every layer. New network protocols also add to this complexity, consider as an example the OTN layer that is used to encapsulate Ethernet data in a number of different methods depending on the speed of the Ethernet client interface and how the traffic is being aggregated into the optical layer.

The network visibility layer consists of a variety of devices that enable the monitoring layer to access relevant network data, either by aggregating data from locations around the network that match specific filters or by extracting the Ethernet layer from within other protocols and delivering them to monitoring probes.

Software Defined Network Visibility

As SDH orchestration increasingly automates new network services and reactive network changes it becomes essential that the ability to monitor is also automated.

Our range of advanced Network Visibility solutions enable the monitoring of fast changing networks  in order to maximise the performance, reliability and security of customer services.

White paper

The Importance Of Quality For 100 and 400 Gbit/s Optical TAPs

Understanding the challenges of TAP installation for high speed optical network connections.

Application note

High-Capacity NetFlow/IPFIX Generationfor Securing Internet Peering Links

Meeting the challenge of securing the ingress point of network service provider  networks.


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