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Essential handheld tools


Featured product


Install and maintain optical networks with this rugged OTDR.

Excellent short-distance performance with 0.8m event deadzone and 4m attenuation deadzone.

Featured product

AE700 DWDM Analyser

The AE700 is a DWDM Channel Analyzer for the installation and maintenance of DWDM systems.

This capable handheld unit measures power and OSNR in the C-band (1527 ~ 1567 nm) or L-band (1570 ~ 1610 nm)

Featured product

AE2200 FTTx Meter

OTDR performance specifications with up to 2 wavelengths, perfect for FTTx, RFoG, and RF PON installation


AE100 Series Mini Optical Power Meters

Mini optical power meters, perfect for installation and verification of fibre optics networks and optical based services.

AE1001 Portable OTDR

A sleek, zero-fuss OTDR weighing less than 1 kg that tests the common 1310 & 1550nm wavelengths in 5s flat

AE210 and LS310 Series

Perfect for qualifying physical layer services, including FTTx, CATV, PON, and long haul networks.

AE500 Compact CWDM Channel Analyzer

The AE500 measures 8 CWDM channels simultaneously for fast verification of CWDM power levels and wavelengths.

AE600 CWDM Channel Analyzer

The AE600 measures across 18 simultaneous CWDM channels between 1271nm to 1611nm.

AE700 DWDM Channel Analyzer

DWDM Channel Analyser for testing C and L band DWDM systems, with support for optical signal to ratio (OSNR)

AE919 Series Multi Optical Tester

High performance tester supporting PON, VFL, OPM, OLS, Ethernet and RF testing.

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