Ensure business application availability

Test and monitor your network to validate the network can support business needs and and reduce application faults. 

As business applications increasingly switch to Cloud based models and data becomes central to every business the ability of users to have access to a functioning network becomes a priority.

Our range of Enterprise test equipment are small enough to be able to be easily connected in the smallest of comms rooms and have the ability to record network data and analyse it later in order to troubleshoot intermittent network issues.


While you may expect it to be difficult to install, test and manage high speed optical interconnects, our range of Open Line Systems offer unparalleled ease of use. Instead of requiring hours or days of configuration and commissioning, turning up a high-speed data centre inter-connect can be accomplished in just a few minutes.



Zero-touch, active testing and monitoring platform for global enterprises, communication service providers and cloud providers.

ProfiShark 10G+

USB all-in-one TAP device for 10G interfaces with GPS timestamping.