TAPs are essential for network security

Oct 25, 2018

To understand security breaches on your network every packet matters.

To a hacker, your increasingly complicated network infrastructure provides an increasing number of attack possibilities.

In order to understand how a network intrusion occurred you need to be able to recreate the network traffic and understand the traffic across the network. Installing network TAPs allows you to duplicate network traffic and route that traffic to a monitoring system, without impacting traffic running across the network.

Having an accurate copy of network data enables network forensics. Recreating the flow of traffic between applications and analysis of the data exchanged between them makes it possible to easily investigate the source of the intrusion.

Without an accurate duplication of the data on the network, it may not be possible to understand the nature of a network attack. Feeding that data into a network analyser allows hashtag#cybersecurity teams to understand the source of an attack and take action to prevent similar attacks in the future.

As such, network TAPs are a key part of your infrastructure, and are crucial to preventing network intrusions, but may be easily overlooked.

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