Guarantee the continuity of your FTTX network with the IP55 Distri-Protect Aerial Subscriber Node 24

Fibre Deployment

Making Fibre Deployment easier, faster and more reliable.

Our all-in-one splicers deliver repeatable, high-quality splices to reduce field failures and associated site rework to keep costs to a minimum.


Be ready for anything the network throws at you

The flexibility to be able to install any network infrastructure and equipment, turn-up any service and respond to any fault

Lab testing

Innovate faster, reach your customers earlier.

Develop and launch new products faster than ever before. Model and test new end to end services at scale, launch faster and with confidence.

High speed optics

Revolutionise 800G interoperability testing with Nexus

Say goodbye to the complexities of interoperability testing and embark on a journey of efficiency and innovation.


Green energy solutions to reduce network operations costs

Whether you’re looking to enhance your backup power, reduce operational costs, or invest in sustainable energy, the RW500 is engineered to meet your needs. Designed for mounting directly onto towers with damping mounting clamps, ensuring the prolonged lifetime of the turbine.
PIM Hunting

Trace and mitigate RF interference sources with PIM absorber kits

Front and Back PIM Absorber kits are low PIM, RF absorbers used while PIM hunting to help determine the direction of external PIM sources relative to site antennas.

Field testing

Field test tools help your respond quicker and turn up services faster.

Equip your field engineers with field toolkits for RF testing, Ethernet testing, optical testing and more.


Frame partners with Radiocomm to deliver high quality RF cables and components.

Radiocomm components cover a wider operating frequency spectrum and higher power applications. With the deployment of outdoor systems with high power (up to 80 W) and 4×4 MIMO, the -165 dBc extra low PIM becomes an essential requirement to solve complex interference issues.

Network testing

Turn up & troubleshoot Ethernet services with our full featured Ethernet toolkit.

Quickly turn up and activate customer services. Our Ethernet turn up toolkit provides all the functions needed to test and validate Ethernet services at the customer location. Easily test optical connections, fibre connectivity, services and SLAs.

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  • DDOS resilience testing
  • Secure network overlay

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