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IT Testing

Keeping business infrastructure online

Our solutions for IT networks enable automated network testing to prevent early-life failures and tools to support planning and deploying your WiFi networks.Detailed network analytics provide the ability to identify problems with the network in real-time and voice quality testing tools ensure business critical voice systems availability.

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Reduce Field engineer visits, automate your turn up testing from the user to the cloud to ensure right first time deployments and network upgrades.

Proactively monitor business critical services such as VoIP, video, Office365, Teams and overall network health. Find issues in software before end users.

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EtherScope nXG

Quickly and easily gather location-based Wi-Fi measurements and create visual heat maps of key performance metrics.

Ideal for quick site surveys of new deployments, change validation, and performance verification. Ethernet testing capability up to 10Gb/s make this product ideal for the field.

Featured products

Voice quality analysis

Voice quality testing solution for networks, audio systems, conferencing and more.

Layer 2 – 7 network analysis and a small footprint make it suitable in a range of applications from datacentres testing to home office fault finding.


Embedded troubleshooting tools

Embedded network troubleshooting tools offering layer 2-7 service troubleshooting ensure that voice, video and other applications are highly available.

Paragon Active Assurance

Software based active test and assurance platform for enterprises, communication service providers and cloud providers.

Network access devices

Network access devices and TAPs used to make a mirror copy of all of the traffic that flows between two network end-points.

Layer 1-4 packet brokers

Layer 1-4 network packet brokers support aggregation, load balancing, filtering and more.

Layer 1-7 packet brokers

Layer 1-4 network packet brokers support aggregation, load balancing, filtering and more.

Voice quality analysis

Tools to test voice quality for network and industrial applications including PESQ and POLQA standards.

Sandvine ActiveLogic

Sandvine helps organizations run world-class networks with Active Network Intelligence "ANI", to identify and adapt to network behaviour in real time. Take control of your data plane, with intelligent optimisation for improved productivity and reduced costs.