Aster XGB A-718

Microtel Innovations
GTP Protocol Correlator, Load Balancer
  • Performs stateful correlation of GTP-C and GTP-U messages based on the subscriber ID,
  • Sends all the flows belonging to the same subscribers to the same output port
  • Load balances the subscriber traffic flows.
  • Manage 100Gb/s total traffic
  • Up to 10 million concurrent tunnels
  • Identify and correlate the subscribers traffic flows inside the GTP tunnels, sending all the flows belonging to the same subscriber to the same probe
  • Session-aware IMSI based load balancing distribution to different output port, Individuation of “no GTP” traffic and balances it towards some specific monitoring ports or to the same used for the GTP traffic, according to the chosen configuration
  • IP packet fragmentation management by recognizing all the segments belonging to the same packet and forwards them to the same output port.
  • 2 x 10Gb/s ports
  • 20 x 1/10Gb/s ports

Mobile core network switches adopt GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) to carry mobile data across the network.

The GTP protocol is used to gain visibility into customer experience and requires the capability to correlate each user session running into the GTP tunnel in order to consistently feed the monitoring tools with session-aware load balanced data flows, in other words sending all the messages belonging to the same subscriber to the same probe.

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