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New test methods for 5G and mmWave

If you want to learn about the essential new test methods for 5G and mmWave join our partner octoScope to learn about some of the new and unique challenges, compared to previous generations of cellular technology.

5G covers a huge range of frequencies from 600 MHz in some regions to 3.9 GHz more broadly, all the way up to the 20-40 GHz mmWave bands for truly high-speed operations. 5G also encompasses a broad deployment of unlicensed frequency bands.

The requirements on a testbed for 5G wireless testing, therefore, include not only repeatability and reproducibility, but the ability to support a wide range of frequencies including mmWave bands, and to support the kind of performance testing, such as beamforming and beam steering, that will be critical in those bands.

Webinar time: 5th February, 1pm.

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