Case Study

Joe Spadafora, Senior Voice QoS Engineer at Gamma Telecom Ltd

“MultiDSLA is an excellent product which has helped Gamma monitor the call quality across the Telephony products we provide (SIP, UC etc)”.

The requirement

What were Gamma's initial need?

Gamma are one of the UK’s leading telecommunications companies to roll out IP Telephony services and we required a tool which would help us measure QoS performance on IP handsets, SIP trunking and Hosted Telephony platforms.

We also required a tool which could carry out sanity checks across the platforms which provide Gamma’s SIP and UC services prior to going into production.

Once in the production environment, MDSLA would allow monitoring of the services across our network.

Choosing a solution

Why did you choose MultiDSLA?

We chose the MDSLA platform primarily due to its feature rich QOS analysis on tests. These include the different tasklists for testing RTP stream, results analyser, and the option to run tests 24/7. It’s a good tool to test hardware, services, and network elements.

The MDSLA is a tool extensively used by the Voice QOS team.


Can you share the benefits and results you've had while using MultiDSLA?

We have tests running across all our SBCs 24/7. Any potential issues can be flagged up to our NOC. If there are any change controls on voice carrying infrastructure, it’s sensitive enough to pick up any deviation in network performance that may impact the customer experience by measuring the SIP and RTP results.

It also allows us to measure the QoS metrics during an MSO giving us the insight of customer experience in terms of the outage.

If you can avert any potential issues, then that’s the added value as this allows you to be proactive rather than reactive

Ongoing support

With cloud usage, how does multiDSLA support you?

Since we moved onto the AWS cloud, it gives us a good an insight of the QoS metrics over the Public and Private connectivity into our network.


Joe Spadafora

Senior Voice QoS Engineer, Gamma

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