The easiest way to
identify calling fraud

Meet customer and regulatory demands to combat common fraud including Wangiri calling, robocall scams and hijacked traffic. Easily identify number series to block across the network.

Reduce call fraud

Identify fraudulent calls. Block suspicious calling numbers and reduce customer fraud.

Remove fraudulent traffic, fast

Fraudulent calling schemes can be short-lived, react fast and block number ranges while they are still in use.

Regulatory compliance

Ofcom compliance audits include current and planned initiatives to combat fraud.

For International Carriers

for carriers

Network deployed STINGA Probes harvest calling data for analysis. The STINGA Fraud Solution alerts anti-fraud teams upon identification of traffic patterns showing fraudulent characteristics.

Reimagine your anti-fraud solutions

Identify fraudulent traffic through analysis of aggregated CDRs from across the entire network.

Fraudulent traffic types

Wangiri calls where end users enticed into calling fraudulent premium-rate numbers.
Machine generated calling identifying vaulnerable phone systems.

Hacked PBX systems re-routing of phone calls or mass-calling  premium-rate numbers.

Non-roaming traffic where the calling number belongs to the same country as the called number.

Fraudulent calls can be identified by identifying high volume calls from number series with specific characteristics including:

  • Known fraudulent number series
  • Terminating in known fraudulent number series
  • From number series marked as unassigned,
  • Premium-rate numbers
  • Roaming number

STINGA Probes collect voice call signalling directly from their international voice network, generating Call Detail Records (CDRS) providing a complete overview of the voice traffic across the network and quickly identifying traffic matching these patterns.

The STINGA Fraud Solution quickly identifies calls that match fraudulent traffic profiles quickly, and generate alerts to escalate these to your anti-fraud team for urgent investigation.



Fraud prevention
managed better.

Automated notification generation highlights fraudulent calling dynamically, alerting anti-fraud teams pro-actively, enabling fast termination of number ranges across the network and reducing customer fraud.

Reduce fraud management costs by up to 90%  through efficient anti-fraud monitoring and operations.


Fraud prevention cost reduction

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