CFP2-ACO Passive Loopback Module ML4030-ACO

CFP2-ACO Loopback module
  • Supports 4x32G
  • CFP2-ACO MSA Form Factor
  • MSA compliant MDIO slave
  • Built with advanced PCB material
  • Custom memory maps
  • MSA compliant functionality
  • Temperature Monitor and alarms warning
  • Programmable Power dissipation up to 12W(can be customised for higher power)  Superior SI performance
  • Designed for 32G Analog Coherent
  • Matched trace length on all 4 lanes
  • MDIO slave interface compliant with IEEE 802.3 Clause 45
  • Programmable MSA memory pages
  • RX_LOS-Alarm driven by TX_DIS control or MDIO register
  • 3 status LED Indicator
  • Insertions counter
  • Hot Pluggable module
  • Cutoff temperature preventing module overheating

CFP2-ACO Passive Loopback Module ML4030-ACO, is designed to provide an efficient and easy method of characterizing and testing 4x32G CFP2 ports.

The ML4030-ACO comes packaged in a MSA compliant shell housing offering excellent heat dissipation. It can be programmed to different power levels through an MDIO interface, thus emulating all CFP2-ACO power classes.

Transmit data from the host is electrically routed, (internal to the loopback module), to the receive data outputs and back to the host. It provides an economical way to exercise CFP2-ACO ports during R&D validation, production testing, and field testing.

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