Compliance Boards | 112/56 Gbps (8x56 GBd) Interconnects
  • Supports 8x112G interfaces
  • Compliant with CEI-112G-VSR-PAM4 and CEI-56G-VSR-NRZ
  • I2C master driven from both on board microcontroller or external pin headers
  • 2.4 or 1.85 mm connectors
  • Current Sense
  • Matched differential trace length
  • All 8 channels come with matching trace length
  • High performance signal integrity traces from 2.4 or 1.85 mm connectors to OSFP host connector.
  • On-board LEDs display MSA output alarm states
  • Built with high performance PCB material
  • On-board buttons/jumpers for MSA input control signals
  • User friendly GUI for I2C R/W commands and loading custom MSA memory maps
  • Four corner testing capability
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