QSFP-DD800 Loopback type 2A, 30 W Power Consumption
  • Loops back TX & RX with good performance SI Traces
  • Built with advanced PCB Material
  • MSA Compliant Shell with latching mechanism
  • Four thermal spots
  • Can emulate all QSFP-DD power classes
  • Can dissipate up to 16 W via the thermal loads
  • Temp sense
  • I2C Terminated by microcontroller, I2C slave compliant with MSA
  • Implements MSA Memory Map with programmable new pages
  • Ability to control/monitor all low speed signals
  • Insertion Counter
  • Front LED Indicator
  • Hot Pluggable
  • Cut-off temperature preventing module overheating
  • AC-coupled High-Speed Interface
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