Flex Tap

High density network TAP module
  • Fastest switchover time, without dropping the live link
  • Smallest footprint - 21 links in one 19 inch and 3 u size
  • Best price and performance
  • Flexible power solution 230 AC and 48 V DC
  • Low power design (green data center)

The major advantage of this concept is easy expansion and installation. Consider a situation where there are 21 single TAPs deployed. In this case, 42 power cords would be required and such a large number of power cords can easily lead to a tangled mess. Compared to other solutions with separate TAPs, the new FlexTAP has only two power connectors for 21 TAPs.

The flexible and easy to install solution consists of 4 parts:

  • 10/100/1000 TAP blade
  • 19″ inch rack
  • Power module (230 V DC or 48 DC)
  • Fan module
Data sheet
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