Optical Bidi Tap

Bi-directional WDM monitoring TAP
  • Designed for lab and mobile use
  • Fully transparent up to 100 Gbit
  • Available splitting ratio 80/20
  • Two independent monitoring output
While BIDI transmission systems save fibres they make monitoring data traffic more difficult. How do we distinguish between TX and RX direction? The Cubro optical BIDI TAP is the right solution to this challenge. It passes the BIDI traffic through with full transparency while featuring two independent monitoring outputs – one for each direction. Thus, it allows capturing, decoding and troubleshooting in both directions.

Typical fibre connectivity requires dual-strand fibre for two endpoints of the optical full-duplex network, with; the first one used for transmission and the second for reception.

However, this can be optimized by using single strand fibre optical transceivers that enable bi-directional full-duplex operation of transmit and receive signals over a single strand fibre by using separate wavelengths – e.g. 1310nm/1490nm or 1310/1550nm.

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